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Nebraska’s NRDs have a variety of projects and programs to educate both youth and adults about conservation and natural resources. Many districts sponsor or participate in natural resources festivals, teacher workshops, classroom presentations, and more. Districts also help sponsor regional Land Judging Contests, Range Judging Contests and the Nebraska Envirothon.

SPONSOR the National Conservation Foundation (NCF) Envirothon when Nebraska hosts it in 2020! We’re raising $350,000 in order to bring the best and brightest science and ag students to Nebraska! Click here for sponsorship information and opportunities!

Outdoor Classroom Program (K-12)

The NRD’s Outdoor Classroom Programs were developed to provide funding to promote the education of our natural resources through hands-on learning.  Funding is provided through three types of grants: Outdoor Classroom, Community Grants, and Mini-School Grants (applications below). Providing lessons in nature ensures that children today are growing up with meaningful daily connections to nature. When children spend time in nature-filled outdoor learning environments, research shows that conflict is replaced by pleasant and positive exploration.  Click here for programs & funding available.


Mini Classroom Grant- $35 per teacher   Application 

The Mini Classroom Grant provides $35 to classroom teachers for natural resources classroom activities, field trips, etc. Additional funding is available for environmental education activities and projects.



Natural Resources Link – Educator Newsletter

January 2018 Edition:
~ Environmental Education: Nebraska Focus (K-12)
~ ACE Camp: Is Learning Really This Fun? (Middle School)
~ Free Arbor Day Seedlings (K-12)
~ Prescribed Fire/Range Management Outreach (High School)
~ Scholarships Available for College Students (College)
~ Register for Central Region Envirothon Contests (High School)

November 2017 Edition  Articles: Connecting With Nature, Register for Groundwater Festival, Change to College Scholarships, Free Arbor Day Seedlings, Citizen Science in the Classroom

March 2017 Edition  Articles: Outdoor Classrooms-Take It Outside!, Free Arbor Day Seedlings, Free Monarch Habitat Educator Packets, CPNRD-Ron Bishop College Scholarship Program, Taking Registrations for Groundwater Festival, Adventure Camp About the Environment for Middle School


High School Contests

Click on the contests hosted by CPNRD below for details/results of each contest:

Envirothon   |   Land Judging   |   Range Judging



Scholarship Program

CPNRD-Ron Bishop College Scholarship   This program awards $1,000 scholarships to 5 students majoring in or enrolled in a natural resources field and is open to college students and high school seniors.  Return applicants and recipients are welcome to apply.   Scholarship Page


Conservation Resources

 Energy Efficiency Guide: Save Money on Home Energy Costs
Jessica and Bri requested that CPNRD add this guide to our website for conservation education and to earn a Girl’s Scout Badge.

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