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Nebraska’s NRDs have a variety of projects and programs to educate both youth and adults about conservation and natural resources. The Central Platte NRD coordinates the Nebraska Children’s Groundwater Festival, classroom presentations, provides funding for outdoor classrooms, and more. CPNRD also coordinates regional Land Judging Contests, Range Judging Contests, and the Nebraska Envirothon.

Free Arbor Day Seedlings & Butterfly Milkweed

ARBOR DAY SEEDLINGS  Arbor Day is Friday, April 24th – what do you have planned for your class? Central Platte NRD will be delivering free seedlings to schools to help students celebrate this Nebraska-born holiday. The seedlings are 6”-12” tall and will be contained in plastic plugs to make it easier for students to take home. Planting instructions will also be provided.

To order contact Marcia Lee at: or call (308) 385-6282 with the following information:
* Teacher Name(s)    * # of seedlings per classroom     * Phone #     * Email & School addresses    * Dates in April that will not work for delivery


Last Child in the Woods

Have you read the book “The Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv?  It’s highly recommended for educators.  This book brings up a growing issue in our society which the author terms, “Nature Deficit Disorder” discussing the lack of outdoor time our youth are experiencing today. Cell phones, television, and technology are greatly reducing the amount of time our young people spend outdoors experiencing nature that adults have fond memories of such as fishing, camping, climbing trees, walking through fields, exploring outside for even the littlest things.

Youth today long to get out and experience nature (even if they don’t know it) and it’s our responsibility to provide them with those experiences.  We don’t have to take them fishing, we just need to insist and encourage them to “GO OUTSIDE”.  Spend time exploring their own backyard, neighborhood park, picking up leaves, touching dirt & sand, playing in the rain, and just experiencing everything nature has to offer.

The Central Platte NRD will purchase this book for you! Contact Marcia at (308) 385-6282 or


Outdoor Classroom Program (K-12)

The NRD’s Outdoor Classroom Programs were developed to provide funding to promote the education of our natural resources through hands-on learning.  Funding is provided through three types of grants: Outdoor Classroom, Community Grants, and Mini-School Grants (applications below). Providing lessons in nature ensures that children today are growing up with meaningful daily connections to nature. When children spend time in nature-filled outdoor learning environments, research shows that conflict is replaced by pleasant and positive exploration.  Click here for programs & funding available.


Mini Classroom Grant- $35 per teacher   Application 

The Mini Classroom Grant provides $35 to classroom teachers for natural resources classroom activities, field trips, etc. Additional funding is available for environmental education activities and projects.


High School Contests

Click on the contests hosted by CPNRD below for details/results of each contest:

Envirothon   |   Land Judging   |   Range Judging



Scholarship Program

CPNRD-Ron Bishop College Scholarship   This program awards $1,000 scholarships to 5 students majoring in or enrolled in a natural resources field and is open to college students and high school seniors.  Return applicants and recipients are welcome to apply.   Scholarship Page


Conservation Resources

 Energy Efficiency Guide: Save Money on Home Energy Costs
Jessica and Bri requested that CPNRD add this guide to our website for conservation education and to earn a Girl’s Scout Badge.

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