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Mission Statement

The mission of the Central Platte Natural Resources District is to wisely conserve, manage, and enhance the water, soil, range, wildlife, and forest resources within the District for the benefit of all. Nebraska’s 23 Natural Resources Districts have been protecting lives, protecting property, and protecting the future since 1972.


Land Acres: 2,136,304 acres
Irrigated Acres: 1,029,213 irrigated acres in CPNRD.  937,674 are groundwater; 14,359 acres are surface water; 77,180 acres are co-mingled use (groundwater & surface water.)
Population: According to the 2010 Census, the municipal population of the District is 137,966.
River System: River system includes 205 miles of the Platte River, 49.9 miles of the North Channel, and 173 miles of the Wood River.
Congressional District: The entire district is within the Third Congressional District.
Legislative Districts:  22, 23, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 41, 43 are within CPNRD.
Education: ESUs 7, 9, 10 are within CPNRD.

We are responsible for:

  1.  Soil conservation and erosion control.
  2.  Flood prevention, control & channel rectification.
  3.  Drainage.
  4.  Groundwater, surface water, and water supply.
  5.  Water quality, pollution control, solid waste disposal and sanitary drainage.
  6.  Fish and wildlife habitat.
  7.  Forestry management.
  8.  Recreation and parks.
  9.  Range management.

The Central Platte NRD boundaries reach from the Lincoln-Dawson county line near Gothenburg to Hwy 81 near Columbus.  The District includes all or parts of 11 counties: Dawson, Custer, Buffalo, Hall, Howard, Nance, Merrick, Hamilton, Platte, Polk & Frontier.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The Board of Directors is elected to protect and preserve a wide scope of natural resources within the district.  There are 21 members, each serving a four-year term.  The board consists of one At-Large member and two directors in each Subdistrict.  Directors are elected in alternate election years for four-year terms.
Board Meetings| Board Members | Election Information

Meeting Minutes  |  Upcoming Meeting

BUDGET: Central Platte NRD’s 2020/2021 property tax request is $4,057,019.34. The total assessed value of property for 2020/2021 is $17,653,315,322 which requires a levy of 0.022982 per $100,000 of assessed value. The total assessed value of property for 2020/2021 differs from the 2019/2020 total assessed value of property which was $17,666,288,850.00 by-0.0734%.

Based on the 2020/2021 property tax request and changes in other revenue, the total operating budget of $24,751,660.96 exceeds the 2019/2020 operating budget of $20,896,780.63 by 18.447%.

A homeowner with a home valued at $100,000 will pay $22.98 for conservation benefits provided by the Central Platte NRD including flood reduction, nitrate management, water use management, soil health, cost-share to producers, recreation, and education.

CPNRD Budget-Nebraska Auditors of Public Accounts  |  PDF

STAFF:  Staff contact information


 Central Platte NRD Address: 215 Kaufman Avenue, Grand Island NE 68803
Phone: (308) 385-6282   Fax: (308) 385-6285

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