Feb. 27 Ice Jam/Flooding Potential Starting

Starting This Week: Be Aware of Ice Jams Along the Platte River

(GRAND ISLAND, NE) – With higher temperatures this week, the Central Platte Natural Resources District is warning homeowners that ice jams and flooding are a high potential along the Platte River.  This winter has had more freezing degree days and the ice is thicker.  The warmer temperatures this week will start to melt the ice.  When this occurs jams and flooding may follow. Residents along the river need to have an elevated awareness of the river water levels.  Check the river levels frequently as ice jams can occur rapidly and at any time, day or night.  Residents need to keep up-to-date with Emergency Management postings on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as listen to local news outlets for announcements.  Tune in to NOAA weather radio for alerts or visit https://www.weather.gov/gid/ .  Residents are urged to take flood precautions including knowing alternate escape routes, having an emergency supplies kit, and an emergency communications plan with family and neighbors.  For more information please contact your county Emergency Manager:

  • Hall County Emergency Management:    (308)-385 5360
  • Buffalo County: (308)-233 3225
  • Phelps County: (308)-995 2250
  • Kearney County: (308)-743 2442
  • Gosper County: (308)-268 5088
  • Dawson County: (308)-324 2070
  • Boone/Merrick/Nance County: (308)-550 1685