Groundwater Exchange Starts Oct. 3rd

Groundwater Exchange Pre-Approval to Start October 3rd

The Central Platte Natural Resources District’s (CPNRD) Groundwater Exchange is scheduled to begin on Monday, October 3rd.  The CPNRD board of directors approved expanding the Groundwater Exchange to include the Loup Basin within the District and to add definition of terms to their Rules & Regulations at their September 29th board meeting.  A public hearing on the proposed changes was held prior to the board meeting.

The Groundwater Exchange pre-approval process for buyers and sellers to meet with CPNRD staff will take place from October 3 to November 23, so that producers will have time to plan for spring planting. During the pre-approval process, staff will verify that all participants are in compliance with the NRD’s Rules and Regulations, document whether the participant is acting as a buyer or seller, the location and amount of water use, and whether the buyers want to purchase water for irrigation or for streamflow.

The online bid window for those pre-approved will be open from December 1 through December 9, 2016.  Buyers and sellers will go online to the CPNRD Exchange website with the personal ID that staff has provided to them.  Sellers will enter the amount that they would like to receive for their water use, and buyers will enter how much they are willing to pay.

Central Platte NRD and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources have partnered in the financial cost to develop an algorithm that selects the best matches based on information that each seller and buyer enters- such as the price, location of water, and the depletion to the river.  The program then generates a report of all the matched exchanges.  The NRD’s Rules and Regulations regarding the transfers of groundwater irrigated acres are built into the computer program. Bids are based on acres, consumptive use, and streamflow depletion to the Platte River. The National Economic Research Associates (NERA) is the consulting firm who developed the computer program, accepts the bids, and provides CPNRD with the results.   For more information, contact CPNRD at (308) 385-6282 or visit

To make a Pre-Approval appointment with CPNRD staff, call (308) 385-6282.

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