Oct. 24 Board Meeting

Buyout Options in Flood-Prone Areas to be Presented to Central Platte NRD Board

(GRAND ISLAND, NE)  – A floodplain management specialist with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources will present buyout options and requirements in flood-prone areas at the Central Platte Natural Resources District’s upcoming board of directors meeting. Discussion will include what options are available within the Central Platte NRD and details of the programs.

The meeting is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 24, 2019, at 215 Kaufman Avenue in Grand Island, Nebraska.


-Eastern Project Committee  The committee will continue their discussion on future programs.

-Nitrogen Management Compliance  Staff will give an update on the number of violation letters that will be mailed to producers who have not submitted their Nitrogen Management forms for the Groundwater Quality Management Program.

-Natural Resources Conservation Service  Joe Krolikowski, district liaison, will report to the board.

-Managers Report  Lyndon Vogt, general manager, will report to the board.

-Nebraska Association of Resources District  Jim Bendfeldt will report.

-Nebraska Natural Resources Commission  Mick Reynolds, Middle Platte Basin representative, will report.

-Cost-Share  Applications through the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation and the Central Platte NRD cost-share programs will be considered.