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Throughout the irrigation season, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service will provide up-to-date information below to help you make the best irrigation management decisions within Central Platte NRD.  Be sure to mark this page as one of your favorites to quickly access this information!

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UNL Irrigation Management:  Videos

Irrigation Management Record Sheets:  Blank Sheet | Example of Completed Sheet



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Available Water Capacity  |  Yearly Crop Water Usage 

Historical Crop Water Usage  |  Irrigator’s Formula   |  NeRAIN Reports

Irrigation Products

Disclaimer: Use of product names does not signify endorsement of these products and are only examples of product types.
Flow Meter Dial Face Flow Meter Installation Nelson Rotator Nelson Spray Polysonic Meter
Pressure Regulator Flow Meter Propeller Senniger I-Wob Senniger Spray Vertical Turbine Pump

Irrigation Definitions

-Evapotranspiration (ET): Crop water use, plus evaporation
-Available Water Capacity (AWC): Water available to plants in the root zone
-Field Capacity (FC): Soil profile is full will not hold more water.
-Minimum Balance (MB): Minimum soil moisture content managed for to avoid crop stress.
-Permanent Wilting Point (PWP): Soil’s water content so low that the plant cannot recover.
-Deep Percolation (DP): Excess water the soil can’t hold. Gravity pulls excess water below point where plant roots can’t get.
-MAD Maximum Allowable Depletion: Maximum amount of soil moisture to utilize prior to an irrigation.

For more information, contact Joe Krolikowski, NRCS Water Management Specialist