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Carrot vs. stick: How should Minnesota get to cleaner water?   Kirsti Maroon · Brooten, Minn. · Apr 16, 2018

CPNRD land purchase to yield Platte River credits from retiring irrigation By LORI POTTER  Hub Staff Writer  Mar 30, 2018




Aftershock program to help with nitrate testing By MIKE BUHLER


-OWH- Editorial: Sound groundwater management must remain a priority for Nebraska  Editorial staff  Apr 1, 2018

-Kearney Hub– CPNRD land purchase to yield Platte River credits from retiring irrigation  By LORI POTTER

-Kearney Hub- First steps taken for CNPPID irrigation season By LORI POTTER  Apr 3, 2018

-Hastings Tribune- Sharing Nebraska’s story   Andy Raun  Apr 4, 2018

-Hastings Tribune- LBNRD board close to finalizing proposed rules revisions  Andy Raun

-Wahoo-Ashland- Waverly- Potter accepted into leader academy

-Omaha World-Herald- Platte, Elkhorn River access sites now open for the season   By Jay Withrow / World-Herald staff writer  Apr 2, 2018

-Agri-Pulse: Opinion: To Move Our Planet Forward, Food and Agriculture Must Think about Sustainability Differently By Chris Policinski 04/05/18 (Opinion)

Bringing together big-picture, company-level sustainability commitments and the acre-by-acre conservation efforts of farmers makes both more effective. It engages farmers in advancing conservation solutions across millions of acres of farmland in a more coordinated way. It allows us to collect and then translate data that not only helps farmers continuously improve their stewardship, but also helps consumers access clear information about how their food was produced.

-The Wall Street Journal: In the Battle for the American West, the Cowboys Are Losing  By Jim Carlton 03/30/18

Ranchers who rely on public land to raise their cattle say they have shrinking access to wide open spaces, grass and water because of an array of regulations. Over the last four decades, the number of cows grazing on public lands has dropped by nearly half.

-U.S. News and World Report: Minnesota Watershed Uses Woodchips, Wetlands to Treat Water  04/01/18

Watershed experts are using wetlands and woodchips to try and reduce nitrate runoff in Vermillion River and other Minnesota waters.

-The Orange County Register: California fights wildfires aggressively — but prevention takes a back seat  By Julie Cart  04/04/18

Last year’s wildfires, the worst in modern California history, have put a microscope on the forests that cover a third of the state–in particular, on managing these wooded lands in ways that would reduce the frequency and intensity of such blazes.

Scientific American: Bats Are Migrating Earlier, and It Could Wreak Havoc on Farming By Inga Vesper  04/02/18

This trend creates a risky situation in which bats may not find enough food for themselves and their young, as the insects they prey on may not yet have arrived or hatched. If bat colonies shrink as a result of this schedule snafu, their pest control effect could fall out of sync with crop-growing seasons—potentially causing hefty losses.

CNN: Leaked memo: Pruitt taking control of Clean Water Act determinations  By Rene Marsh  04/04/18

Key provisions in the Clean Water Act are now under the control of one person at the US Environmental Protection Agency — Administrator Scott Pruitt. In the new directive, Pruitt states he will make final critical decisions about preservation of streams, ponds and wetlands.

The Daily Yonder: Federal Bill Attempts to Block State, Local Regulation of Ag  By Bryce Oates  04/04/18

A bill introduced by an Iowa member of Congress would strip states and local governments of their ability to regulate industrial agriculture in their communities. It would prohibit state and local governments from adding any restrictions on agriculture and food production if the product is offered for sale in another state.

High Plains Journal: Adapting methods and equipment can make life easier on cattle and handlers By Jennifer M. Latzke  04/02/18

Experts agree that grazing cattle can be part of a healthy soil system. But for many farmers, the idea of the extra labor involved with livestock can be daunting.

Colorado Public Radio: When Snowpack Is The Concern, Science Keeps A Wary Eye Out For Dust By Grace Hood  04/03/18

Dust pulls more solar energy into the snowpack, which is essentially a reservoir of water for managers across the West. In dusty years, snow melts earlier. The rate of runoff can increase substantially compared to low dust-on-snow years.

Des Moines Register: A smarter farm bill can protect natural resources as well as farmers’ livelihoods By Seth Watkins  04/05/18

(Opinion) Modern agriculture produces remarkable yields but has become highly reliant on scarce resources and is often not profitable without subsidies. These systems also show increasing warning signs of failure: decimated soil health, water pollution, habitat loss, rural poverty, and chronic disease are all in some way connected to a fundamentally flawed farm bill.

Agri-Pulse: California fights costly battle against invasive species By Tyler Ash  04/04/18

Every year, California acquires on average nine new invasive species, including exotic insects, spiders, mollusks and even South American mammals. Three of those invaders usually try and settle down, start a large family and stake a claim on some of the Golden State’s endless buffet of agricultural crops, becoming the bane of farmers and researchers.

KEARNEY HUB  Hub Territory farmers earn top results in corn yield contest

Platte River Diversion Plan Reaches Lincoln

  Prairie chicken ritual is a must see  By Julie Geiser Outdoor columnist / NGPC  Mar 15, 2018


SEATTLE TIMES  Regulators: Loss of Nebraska tax could create new water woes    March 18, 2018  By GRANT SCHULTE  The Associated Press


PANHANDLE EXPRESSIONS Women in Ag conference set for April 13 at Sidney, Nebraska  Karen DeBoer  UNL Extension  March 23, 2018


STAR HERALD  Local NRD manager travels to 8th World Water Forum  By SPIKE JORDAN  Mar 18, 2018


Nebraska perspectives, Mar 21, 2018


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Nebraska continues to see modest groundwater decline   Mar 17, 2018


WAHOO-ASHLAND-WAVERLY NEWS  Pike survey finds plentiful population  By Sam Farmer   Mar 22, 2018


THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Judge: Corps Responsible for Flooding, Damage in 4 States  MARCH 14, 2018, 7:15 P.M. E.D.T.


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln  Nebraska continues to see modest groundwater decline  Mar 15, 2018

Nebraska Children’s Groundwater Festival canceled this year due to scheduling conflict  Mar 13, 2018

  Editorial: Water diversion from the Platte proposal would need public hearings


WAHOO-ASHLAND  NRD gives go ahead for building planning  By: Lisa Brichacek


Norfolk Daily News  Peak crane viewing season approaching along Platte RiverBy JERRY GUENTHER  Mar 15, 2018


NORTH PLATTE TELEGRAPH  North Platte business owner to run against Sen. Groene By ALY RINEHART Mar 14, 2018


KEARNEY HUB  Tri-Basin plans open house for Charles Brooks’ retirement on Friday Mar 15, 2018


KEARNEY HUB  Sen. Dan Hughes, NPPD step in it  Letter to the Editor Mar 14, 2018

KNOP NEWS 2  Pederson announces run for Legislative District 42


World-Herald Bureau  Write-in candidate Judy Pederson to run against North Platte State Sen. Mike GroeneBy Paul Hammel  Mar 13, 2018


LINCOLN JOURNAL-STAR  Local View: LB1084 best for ag, school  TY WALKER  Mar 15, 2018

Bill to continue additional NRD levy falls short  Thursday, March 8, 2018  Lorri Sughroue | Associate Editor

  NRD to break ground Friday for solar greenhouse STEVE FREDERICK


OMAHA WORLD-HERALD  Platte River diversion to Republican River would be Nebraska’s first  By David Hendee   Mar 7, 2018


OMAHA WORLD-HERALD  Committee advances compromise to shield Nebraska public power cost data  By Joe Duggan / World-Herald Bureau  Mar 8, 2018

York County resident named Master Conservationist of the Year by Pheasants Forever  Mar 6, 2018

Platte Basin, Lake McConaughy water supply good for year  By LORI POTTER   Hub Staff Writer Mar 6, 2018


KEARNEY HUB  Tree seedlings available from Nebraska natural resources districts


STAR HERALD  LB 98, bill that would extend NRD levy authority dies on floor of unicameral  By SPIKE JORDAN


KEARNEY HUB  Platte Basin, Lake McConaughy water supply good for year    By LORI POTTER   Hub Staff Writer


COLUMBUS TELEGRAM Shell Creek landowners have funding opportunity  Natural Resources Conservation Service


LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR Lincoln to host 2020 environmental Olympics for high school students  PETER SALTER Lincoln Journal Star  3 hrs ago  (0)


GRAND ISLAND INDEPENDENT IANR plays critical role in conserving, managing Nebraska water resources By Robert Pore  Feb 27, 2018


STAR HERALD  STINNER: Debate to begin soon during legislative session  By SEN. JOHN STINNER


OMAHA WORLD HERALD Editorial: Public utilities should make records public


NORFOLK DAILY NEWS Filing deadline creates flurry of contested races  By KENT WARNEKE


NEBRASKA TV Natural Resources Commission talks funding for projects  by Sydney Edwards Wednesday, February 21, 2018


KEARNEY HUB Platte project aims to protect environment, economy By John Thorburn Soils and Streams  Feb 24, 2018


NORFOLK DAILY NEWS  Roads at forefront at Northeast Nebraska Day By MIKE BUHLER


OMAHA WORLD-HERALD Colorado will pay Nebraska $4 million in Republican River settlement By David Hendee Feb 23, 2018


The Independent Northwest flood control construction will be completed this year    By Robert Pore


Nebraska.TV CPNRD works with farmers to protect water quality and quantity  by Steve White    Thursday, February 8th 2018


Star Herald  NRD director John Berge to speak at Brazil’s World Water Forum JERRY PURVIS Staff Reporter   Feb 15, 2018 Updated 3 hrs ago


Kearney Hub Gosper County FSA’s possible closing has Tri-Basin concerned  By LORI POTTER Hub Staff Writer  Feb 14, 2018


Julesburg Advocate Sidney High School Takes Top Honors at Western Region Envirothon Contest  POSTED:   02/16/2018


North Platte Telegraph Risk Management members to get refund   Telegraph staff report  Feb 15, 2018


Citizen Tribune Bostelman: Testimony on broadband, speed limit   Feb 14, 2018




North Platte Telegraph Groene: Bill on NCORPE rights ‘closes Pandora’s box’  By JOB VIGIL Feb 6, 2018


McCook Gazette State Sen. Dan Hughes  Dist. 44 news  N-CORPE in the spotlight again  Thursday, February 15, 2018


North Platte Telegraph A quick look at legislative bills of regional interest By MIKE GROENE   Feb 15, 2018


KNOP News 2  Legislative action important to Lincoln County, Part  By Benjamin A. Schoenkin | Thu 11:46 PM, Feb 08, 2018

Kearney Hub
2018 NAYI applications due April 15 for students    Published Feb 10, 2018


Omaha World Herald Papio-Missouri NRD adopts new groundwater plan limiting nonorganic fertilizer  By Andrew J. Nelson / World-Herald staff writer   Feb 12, 2018


North Platte Telegraph NPPS graduate to be a guiding light of new agricultural program  By JOB VIGIL


Enterprise Publications PMRNRD board approves updated groundwater management plan  By Teresa Hoffman   Feb 13, 2018


Omaha World Herald Editorial: Papio NRD works with ag, offers sound plan to address nitrate concern for water quality (OWH, 2-13-18)  World-Herald editorial


Video Full interview with attorney representing N-Corpe