Flood Control Contract Approved

Central Platte NRD Approves Contract for Flood Control Project

(GRAND ISLAND, NE) – The Central Platte Natural Resources District’s board of directors approved two action items for the Upper Prairie/Silver/Moores Flood Control Project on Thursday including:

-Water Level Monitoring Equipment Amendment #8 in the amount of $30,368.00 for real-time monitoring and data logging equipment. The equipment consists of water level sensors, cameras, and rain gauge sensors to be placed at strategic locations throughout the project. The water level and rain gauge sensors will read water levels and precipitation once every 15 minutes with 96 readings per day, and the cameras will take 12 images per day during daylight hours.  It was also reported that the NRD is working with partners to have a promotional event in downtown Grand Island this summer.

-Silver Creek Levee  The board authorized and adopted Resolution 001-2019 for the Operation and Maintenance Manual for the Silver Creek Levee in connection with FEMA accreditation for Upper Prairie/Silver/ Moores Flood Control Project.  In August 2018, FEMA approved the Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR), including floodplain maps for northwest Grand Island/portions of Hall County.  The CLOMR approval is essential to provide assurance that FEMA will accept the technical information necessary to update the floodplain maps when the Letter of Map Revision is approved.

-Design of Dams  The board approved a contract with JEO in the amount of $140,680 for a conceptual design of dams for multiple beneficial uses. The project will evaluate up to 150 existing and potential dam and other structure sites.  Key components of the project will determine the localized water balance, recharge potential, storage capacity, design/construction considerations, and conceptual cost.  The final products will be conceptual designs, costs, and prioritization of evaluated sites for either dam improvement or new construction. The NRD received grant funding from the Water Sustainability Fund in the amount of $56,270.00 with the balance being funded by Central Platte NRD in the amount of $84,410.

-Water Transfers/Certified Acres  The following action was taken:
1. A water transfer from the Lower Loup NRD to Central Platte NRD in Custer County was approved since the transfer meets all the Groundwater Management Rules & Regulations in both natural resources districts.
2.  A variance request from Merrick County was denied.
3.  The board approved issuing two Cease and Desist Orders for violators who irrigated land that was not certified and have not attempted to come into compliance with the NRD’s rules.

-Manager’s Report- Integrated Management Plans  Lyndon Vogt, general manager, reported that the stakeholders have given their approval of both the Basin-Wide and CPNRD Integrated Management Plans; and that a timeline has been established for public hearings and official approval of the plans. The main change that will be included in CPNRD’s Second Increment Plan is the amount of water that must be offset upstream of Elm Creek in the over-appropriated area of the District. The NRD must offset 15,000 acre-feet by 2029.

 -Mission Statement  The board approved the following mission statement:
The mission of the Central Platte Natural Resources District is to wisely conserve, manage, and enhance the water, soil, range, wildlife, and forest resources within the District for the benefit of all.

-Crane Viewing Deck  The Eastern Projects Committee discussed possible grant funding and needed improvements to the NRD’s crane viewing decks. During crane migration, the NRD’s crane viewing decks in Alda and Gibbon are heavily used by the public and additional parking is needed for the extra traffic during the prime crane migration. The Hall County and Buffalo County sheriffs’ departments are warning that safety is a major concern on county roads and bridges.

-Cost-Share  Twelve applications were approved through the Nebraska Soil and Water Conservation and the Central Platte NRD cost-share programs in the amount of $34,081.89. Practices funded: planned grazing, brush management, burn preparation, center pivot incentive, tree planting, capacitance probe, and well decommissioning.

-Legislative Report  Mark Czaplewski reported that natural resources bill LB 48 has made it to select file, and LB 134 and LB 368 are in committee.

-Natural Resources Conservation Service  Joe Krolikowski, district liaison, introduced two new soil conservationists, Jason Scholz, and Jacob Kendrick; who both served as Pathway Student Interns and converted to full-time employees last year. Jason will be in the Kearney Field Office, and Jacob will be in the Central City Field Office. During their internship with NRCS they both spent two summers and part of the school year working in different NRCS field offices in Nebraska.