Lower Wood River

The Lower Wood River Watershed Improvement Project is located along the Wood River downstream of Riverdale to the confluence with the Platte River and is focusing on benefiting agricultural areas and the communities of Gibbon, Shelton, Wood River, and Alda. The purpose is flood prevention and the first step is a 24-month planning process to identify projects, such as berms, dams, channel cleanout, bridge and culvert improvements, and by-pass channels that will reduce flood damages and protect lives and infrastructure. Once the Plan-EA is approved, the CPNRD will work with NRCS and other funding agencies to move into the design and construction phases.

The Plan-EA is being prepared to fulfill National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) responsibilities pertaining to federal financial assistance received through the NRCS’s Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations (WFPO) Program. Part of this project includes an evaluation of environmental resources and impact considerations, and all information gathered during the public meeting will help guide the planning process.

The Plan-EA is scheduled to be finalized early spring 2022. The CPNRD has retained JEO Consulting Group to assist in developing the plan. Any written comments or requests regarding the project should be submitted to John Petersen with JEO at jpetersen@jeo.com, 402-934-3680, or mailed directly to the JEO Lincoln office at 2700 Fletcher Avenue, Lincoln, NE, 68504.

Central Platte NRD partnered with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to hold a virtual public meeting on August 18, 2020, regarding the Lower Wood River Watershed Improvement Project Work Plan – Environmental Assessment (Plan-EA).