Who We Are

The Central Platte Natural Resources District is one of 23 separate Natural Resources Districts created by the Nebraska Legislature to protect our natural resources. Our District lies in the south central part of Nebraska, straddling the Platte River; extending for 175 miles from Gothenburg to Columbus.

CPNRD District

Mission Statement

Our mission is  to protect groundwater and surface water, reduce flood threats, reduce soil erosion, create and protect wildlife habitat, and educate children and adults to use natural resources wisely.

We are responsible for:

  1.  Soil conservation and erosion control.
  2.  Flood prevention, control & channel rectification.
  3.  Drainage.
  4.  Groundwater, surface water and water supply.
  5.  Water quality, pollution control, solid waste disposal and sanitary drainage.
  6.  Fish and wildlife habitat.
  7.  Forestry management.
  8.  Recreation and parks.
  9.  Range management.